the Employees

A Brief History

    Midtown Market, the neighborhood grocery, first opened on December 21, 1921. Originally known as “Church Grocery,” the store has changed very little over its long history. In 1952, the Grant family bought the store which later became Midtown Market.

    Mr. Grant ran the store with a cornerstone on quality and customer service. Many long-time customers speak favorably of his personality and his managing of the store.

The Kitchen

In the Back

Checking Out

The Other Guys

David Swann tends to the grounds around Midtown 
keeping them neat and tidy.

    Today, Mr. Grant’s daughter, Jan Harris minds the store continuing to provide quality products and a friendly atmosphere.

Kent Waller cuts custom

fillets for a customer.

Steve Crabb, Kent Waller, Reed Barker and Randy Bownam man the meat counter, providing custom-cut meats, one of Midtown’s specialities.

A selection of deli meats and cheeses is on display in the meat case and available for purchase by the slice or by weight.

Beth Walker prepares Midtown’s famous chicken salad.

Midtown’s chicken salad is prepared daily

(2000 lbs. of chicken salad is sold per week).

Debbie Harville and Matthew Hackworth prepare sandwiches for boxed lunches.

Along with boxed lunches, Midtown party trays can be crafted with a selection of deli meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Ham biscuits and dessert trays are also available.

Janice Johnson rings up a

customer’s groceries.

Janice Johnson, Beth Walker, and Garnel Hobbs are among the friendly cashiers, along with Wesley Carter, who would be happy to assist you in any way to find what is needed.

Adam Hayden would be happy to help you

to your car with your groceries.

Barbara Crabb brings in

local produce.

Midtown endeavors to bring in local produce whenever possible, including turnip greens, lima beans and green beans from the Crabb family’s garden. Also on display is a selection of goat cheese from Sleepy Goat Cheese Farm as well as hydroponic lettuce from Hanna’s Hydroponics in Chatham, VA.